Totally OT - one of my favorite bloggers relapsed

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Totally OT - one of my favorite bloggers relapsed

I have been a huge fan of a particular "mommy blogger" for many years. Some time in 2013, she opened up about her history with alcoholism (something I never knew was part of her life prior to her posts). She had been sober for many years, then relapsed earlier in 2013, and was re-entering recovery. Until yesterday when I went to check on her blog for updates, I believed she had been sober since mid-2013 (something she had posted about periodically).

Well...sadly, while she is still alcohol-free, she revealed on her blog yesterday that she had been abusing Dextromethorphan (the active ingredient in some cough syrups) for several months.

There were parts of the post that seemed to show she was very aware of the "badness" of her choices with respect to the Dextromethorphan (she reported being clean off the Dextromethorphan for five days as of yesterday, but that she has also rejected her family's insistence that she go to residential treatment). There were other parts of her post that seemed pretty out of touch with some behaviors she exhibited while under the influence. Just makes me sad for her, for her children, and for her husband (who I honestly just want to reach through the internet cables and hug). Definitely hoping that he is able to make the choices that are best for him and their children, and that she is able to reclaim her sobriety.

Addiction sucks.
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Ugs...Addiction sure does suck. I am sorry to hear this.
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I follow so many bloggers that I wouldn't even know if it was one that I do frequent (sadly). I think we just have to remember that they're only human and screw up just like we do. I'll be adding that family to my prayers.
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I'm sorry to hear that, but glad she fessed up and is back on board.

I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Mr. Sponsorpants (google him). A couple of years ago he just stopped blogging with no explanation. Disappeared as if by alien abduction. He has a very loyal following and we were all worried. Did he relapse? Did he die? Didn't he know people LOVED him and were COUNTING on him?

A few months later he started up with the blog again. Turns out he was just taking a break that became a really LONG break (sort of like the breaks I've taken on SR). He was rather bemused to come back to find all this angst going on at his blog in his absence. And some of the people actually seemed DISAPPOINTED he wasn't dead or relapsed or something. That, they could make into a tragic tale, but with this, they felt let down, abandoned.

Fortunately, Mr. SP was having none of that and he said he was sorry he worried people but really, he has a life.

His blog is definitely worth checking out (provided you can take the odd unexplained absence). It's subtitled "An AA Sponsor Blog" and it's some of the best recovery stuff you will read anywhere, with a good dose of humor and snark thrown in for good measure.
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Personally I see her doing everything in her power to help herself and her get to the bottom of it all. I did found her reasons for starting this drug really shallow. Guess that stuck out more than the addictive reasons. The reason given to not do rehab was one I can understand. She did everything a person can on that too....showing her willingness. Balking at the length at the last second, well, I guess as a Mom I just identified with why she didn't follow through.
Matter of fact, while I generally think most anything coming from addicts is bull till time shows it's not, I'm feeling like this woman is gonna actually come out of this better than the average joe.

anyway....just my thoughts. I also was pretty shocked. Still am. :-/
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