Peaceful....hoping it lasts!

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Peaceful....hoping it lasts!

Today has just been...peaceful.

After the emotional roller coaster that I was on last night, which really scared me when I realized I couldn't control the endless sobbing, I was afraid I wasn't doing as well as I thought.

But this morning, today, and this evening so far.... a sense of calm and peace.

I hope I can stay here. This place isn't so bad. Still sad over it all, but it's ok at this moment.

Amazing how I'm starting to truly see the correlation between having contact with him vs. not having contact. Every time that he's sent me a text, I've ended up an emotional wreck. Days that I don't hear from him.... so much calmer and clearer in my thinking.

Realizing just how vitally important no contact is for your mental health during a break up. You guys know what you're talking about when you say that no contact is the way to go.
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Hi.... My relationship with my exabf ended earlier in the summer! I stayed strong and had NC with him for a while. It was hard but I felt I was on a good path. In the recent months, I broke down and acknowledged his attempts for contact. I have found myself in such a low low place with even his texts. It's like all the hurt, sadness, and insecurities came back!

I'm so glad you have peace! I have none. I need to go back to NC and move on! But I got stuck and now hurt again!

Stay strong! More peaceful days to come! Hugs!
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I hope you can keep that peace. It's a pretty good place to be, huh?
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You can keep that peace by changing your number and then there is no way he can disturb the NC.

Either that or a permanent block would actually relax your mind more of worry he might contact you again.

I'm very glad you are feeling better today Halo--peace is good
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No contact = No new hurts!

Repeat as often as needed.
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