HI-here I am again :)

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HI-here I am again :)

Hi everybody!
It`s a long time ago I wrote in this forum.
I just saw my Ex-husband and I am really impressed how he has developed.
I would say he picked up weight again, he looked so ugly, just like a hobo, really not good.

Yesterday I was so down, remebering our good times and I thought of him being happy with his new, pretty girlfriend.
But now I can say: I have mercy with him, not more, not love.
I am said that he developed like this.
I am said he can`t be a better example for our beautiful children.
They had some crises, but they are going better and better.

And he?
He looks like a looser, and he has lost so much.
His beautiful familiy.

It has never been like I thought, his life isn`t just better being without me.
That was a big fallacy.
I believed his lies, now I know, it`s all a lie.
Nothing more.

He has destroyed his life, it`s not my fault.
It was his decision to drink.
There could have been so many other ways to handle our problems...

But he choosed the easiest way, to drink, and then: to leave it all behind.

He flees from himself, and he will ever face the one he flies away from...

I wish you all the best in this time, Christmas is coming, we have a reason to be happy!

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Its truly sad and I hope someday he finds his bottom and recovers.

I hope you are doing well, and its good to hear that you know the truth.. we can deal with the truth, as it makes sense.

take care, and have a wonderful Christmas, you and the children.

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Thank you for sharing! And, yes, it is sad. I sometimes see my AH and wonder why he doesn't see how he could fix it for himself? Why is he so blind to the answer? So, I turn him over to his Higher Power and I get on with my life. So glad to hear that you are doing well and that the kids are working through things too. Merry Christmas!
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A blessed and Merry Xmas to you! So glad you are finding YOUR path forward! Love the update!
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Originally Posted by lizatola View Post
I turn him over to his Higher Power and I get on with my life.
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I just get on with my life.

Whatever happens or doesn't happen to any of my exes, has nothing to do with me.
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