GAH! Love the baited statements

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Oh right, well yeah, guess it's not such a marvellous thing to hand over the money issues.

Hope that he gets his ass into recovery
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Originally Posted by Hawks View Post
Oh right, well yeah, guess it's not such a marvellous thing to hand over the money issues.

Hope that he gets his ass into recovery
He poked at stick at AA for 3 months this summer but decided it wasn't for him. Never really had a sponsor. He also used his attendance at AA to tell me, "See, I did what you asked." He is a box checker and needs to be told what to do, that way he can point the finger at me and say that he did what I asked of him so it's all my fault that things aren't working out.

As for the finances. Honestly, I am letting him have this battle. I watch the accounts like a hawk AND I am the primary account holder on all of our investments because of my prior job experience. I saw spouses lose it all to their irresponsible husbands/wives when they didn't watch their investments. My car is in my name only.

As for building credit, we both have close to 800 on our credit scores and I check our credit via experian every month. His credit is excellent and he doesn't need to build anything. He insinuated that, with me paying the bills over the past few years, that his credit has suffered or something and then accused me of building my credit because I got a few cards in my name only. I told him I was doing this because I didn't want to hide the cards from him.

He also likes to pay off things right away. What he doesn't realize is that sometimes you have to keep revolving credit going and have a balance on it to actually build your credit. If you keep paying off balances the credit card companies don't like that, LOL. So, I chose to keep one card and let it have a small (like $800) balance that I make double the minimum payment on. He wants to pay that off ASAP as well as pay my car off ASAP.
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