Me and my addicts

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Me and my addicts

It was a nice ride for a while. All three of my addicted Sig-O's (ex, Mom and boss) were clean for a while. Now I'm two for three. Apparently my Mother has figured out a way to con yet another doctor into giving her scrips for pain meds. I'm hands off this whole deal, but my sister is totally hands on. And with all of the bad dynamics occurring in my family at the moment, this throws in a nasty curve.
So, I'm grateful that Spicoli and my boss seem like they are still on the good path. I'm sorry that my Mom isn't, but that's beyond my control. Also beyond my control is the fact that my sister harbors some resentment towards me that I refuse to participate in managing my Mother's addiction. Last I heard, that wasn't my job.
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The antidote for those is serenity in my book.
Very hard work to get some of that.
I'm glad you're guarding yours.
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I looked it up and you are right...not your job.

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Thank you JT, I was just sure about that. Sure.
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In my little book of antidotes, the antidote for resentments is forgiveness. Works every time for me.

I'm sorry about your mom, Gabe, and will be saying a little prayer for her.

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hugs for Gabe and prayers for Gabe's mom
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Dan, JT, Ann, Gooch...thanks for being my circle when I need you guys.
Your hugs, prayers and good thoughts are deeply appreciated.
Feeling lucky to have you all in my life.
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Sorry Gabe,
Hugs to you.
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I don't care how healthy we get, it hurts to see someone we love get off track. Know that we love and care about you. Hugs and prayers, Magic
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Gabe -

As you have told me so many times - take care of you. You have been down that road with your mom and as much as it hurts you to see her like that, you know that you can't change her or fix her. Try to concentrate on the many things in your life that are working. I'll say a prayer for you and yours.

Big hugs, Jo
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Originally Posted by Ann
In my little book of antidotes, the antidote for resentments is forgiveness. Works every time for me.
However if it DOESN'T work, there's always ordering lots and lots of magazine subscriptions in their name.

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Sorry - been away for a spell. Big hugs to you mate, and I know you have the strength and grace to see yourself through this.
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(((((((( Gabe )))))))))) Sorry I don't pop into this forum often enough.

I'm so glad you are avoiding resentments!
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