Stress and shingles, UGH!

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I did take meds. Honestly I was in such a panic b/c here I was with a broken leg hobbling around and then shingles.

Mine started on my waist and spread a little but not too horribly.

I hope yours is a mild case my friend! Feel better!
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Originally Posted by lizatola View Post
I wasn't even looking at the Venza. I realized I needed an SUV because of all the gear we cart around to tournaments so I was looking at the RAV4 or the Honda Cr-V. The Toyota guy showed me the Venza and I was sold the minute I sat in it. I guess it's like a station wagon but it feels wide and sturdy on the road. It also only had 14K miles on it and didn't have a scratch on it. I plan to drive it until it dies, LOL! The only thing I wasn't sold on was the color, bright red (Toyota calls it Barcelona red) but it's growing on me and I'm not too shocked when I walk into the garage and see this bright red thing sitting there, haha!
I'm on my THIRD Rav4 and kick myself for not getting the Barcelona Red! :-D I think that's a totally cool color, but at the time, it only came with some weird tan/gray combo interior and I liked the totally gray interior better. So I got a taupe color on the outside that has the gray interior. And now I only see taupe Rav4's on the road and looked inside a red one parked the other day and saw they now come with a gray interior!!! I'm very very short, though and the newer Rav's are much bigger than the older models... and I consider them too big for me now. I love Toyotas so will probably look at the Venza's for my next vehicle due to size.

I hope you don't suffer too much with those shingles. I hope you get cured of them quick!
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