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That just took the cake (previously held by some bizarre decision to calling night time noon (!) someones ex-AH texted them - does anyone remember that?) as the most gobsmacking thing I've read on here I think.
I don't think it's funny at all. It's outrageously cruel & very weird. I think it just woke me up to just how incredibly dead I've been to all the hideously cruel & sly & manipulative & simply bizarre things my last ex said to me (& he was a classic, 100% narcissist. WTF is it they have with the hygiene thing???? )
Thank you for sharing it. It's funny how sometimes we finally understand ourselves when we read what is going on for someone else!
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Originally Posted by Florence View Post
Red flag! This is a sign of NPD. My NPD ex used to refuse to poop at work, and would leave work and come home to poop. He lost SEVERAL jobs because he couldn't explain why he left work twice a day for no explicable reason.

Among other things.
OMG! My XAH (also NPD, in my opinion) couldn't poop anywhere but his apartment. He would literally bust a gut all day holding it in just so he could crap at home.

And he could never go to a restaurant and sit with his back to the door. Bizarre.
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