O/T: peeved at my mother

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O/T: peeved at my mother

My mother was supposed to be here at 10. Now almost 2 hours late. They are supposed to he bringing a couch here. I totally appreciate this, it's my bday present (the couch isn't new, but taking away the old one and bringing this one is my bday present). HOWEVER, the lateness drives me insane. My family is epically late to everything and as an adult lateness drives me up the wall. I had plans at noon. Not gonna happen now. And I TOLD her this morning at 10 when she wasn't here that I had plans. And that I needed to leave by 11:30. It's not like something happened. They are ALWAYS late.
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I know perpetual tardiness is annoying. Growing up we were late a lot. It is a horrible habit.

As an adult I try to be exactly on time as I HATE arriving early and waiting around. On the flip side I HATE others waiting on me because I think it is rude and I don't like being rude.

Can you reschedule with mom? Are they on the way? Can you reschedule the noon plans? Unfortunately in this situation, as the gift recipient, you cannot call the shots unless you choose to decline the gift, which is a totally acceptable option. As far as future dealings, I might set boundaries and if they are crossed, then you get to determine what you will/can live with. For instance if you meet for dinner and they are 30+ minutes late, I would leave and not reschedule.

Good Luck. I know it is frustrating. You might/will get a new couch, YAY!
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yeah, I have had a lot of that in my life, also. At least you know to keep your expectations low, in that regard.

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I spend a lot of time waiting on others. It is frustrating and annoying, you said, this is normal for them. You know they are always late, so don't allow yourself to get so upset. They are bringing you a new couch and hauling away the old one, so, go with the flow.
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