The deception of alcoholism

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The deception of alcoholism

How deceptive is alcoholism or rather how deceptive is an alcoholic?

Can they REALLY pull the wool over other peoples eyes , those who aren't close to them or haven't lived with them?

My DD is apparently doing really well , good , BUT I don't actually trust that she is I reckon she is just ''telling people what they want to hear'' and going through the motions with social services included!!

She went and got 'help' in order to get her son back from care BUT I honestly don't feel her heart is in it and she is only doing it ''in order to get her son back'' which she is desperate to do of course.........

But what after that???

If the real work has NOT been done then back on the drink I reckon it is..

Her friend went through the motions to get her son back and as SOON as she did she hit the bottle again HARD

Seems I'm the only one not ''buying it'' right now

I am the one still getting nasty and cruel texts from her when she is sweetness and light in front of everyone else! ... And they BELIEVE it and fall for it , seems I am the only one who don't

I DO NOT want my DGS to go through what he has been through before EVER again but if the social workers get it wrong he will be returned to a potentially neglectful situation again especially as she is good at ''wangling'' and is the best actress I know! ;-) lol xx
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Question, do you have contact w/the social workers? If so, express your fears for sure and make sure they write it down.

I will caution you, in a society that the social workers are burdened down with cases, she can easily say what they want to hear and they believe it. There is not much you can do except to keep record of her texts and to caution the social worker.

God Bless. What a horrible situation.
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I was thinking I must express my concerns to the social worker

I was hoping they see this sort of thing all the time so are used to hearing the bullsh*t , but they are not in close quarters to her , they are not receiving abusive or cruel texts , they do not know how bad it was LIVING with an alcoholic or how bad it was for a long time

Just because she does not drink every day does not mean she is fine , inbetween the bouts she can convince everyone she is fine but she is still not stable or thinking clearly and is in total denial about her drinking ie she is in control of it not vice versa yet it is proved not to be the case time and time again and if there is no one to SEE her drinking bouts she will just clean up and carry on as ''normal'' showing the outside world she is ''fine'' and in control when she actually isn't as yet! :-(
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I know she is hurting too BUT it is not fair for her to take her hurt out on me , bit fed up of people who try and do that to me and to be honest those are the ones I would rather avoid

Once she is out of this cycle maybe we can talk properly but at the moment everything is my fault even when it ISN'T!!!

Take it somewhere else as I don't want to hear it - I just want some peace and security in my life and I feel secure if I'm not being antagonised by people who are unhappy with their own lives so are therefore looking to take it out on others

Just be HONEST rather than take your unhappiness OUT on others to try and make yourself feel better

I'm gonna keep doing what I am doing ie do my best as that is all I can do and I hope I see the results of that soon coz it IS hard at the moment but am trying to go down the right path for me and my family and even my DD even though she does not know it as yet but it will be for her good in the end! :-) x
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