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I am ready to give up on marriage counseling……..I think I am smarter then my counselor……..It seems like all my AH and I do is sit in their an argue with each other in front of a strange man who is off in la la land while we are arguing……he did not offer any kind of advice or anything……..lastnight……I don’t want him to pick who is right and who is wrong……I want him to atleast have an opinion….isnt that why we go……and it is the funniest thing…..when are session was over and my husband went to the mens room and I followed the counselor up to pay our co-pay……the counselor says to me his mother is quite a pistol isn’t she?????????? What did that mean……I couldn’t make comment, because my husband was on his way down the very short hallway and would have heard me……was his that way of agreeing with me and why have an opinion now????? Why not say that if front of my husband????? No matter how many people agree with me, my husband is never going to get it is he…….I will always be wrong and that is why he hates everyone………I am loosing hope in us, but I am not loosing hope in myself…..if that makes sense.
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breec3 - sounds like you need a different counselor. If you don't feel comfortable, you need to look for someone else. Don't waste your time/money if you are not getting anything out of it. There are competent and incompetent in every walk of life.

Don't beatr yourself up

How did you get referred to this person?

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Hi Breec,

I've never been to marriage counselling but it sounds to me as if you need a different counsellor.

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Me neither, but although I don't think taking sides is the point, seems to me he might be offering suggestions of things to try?
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Try a different counselor- they are all so different, and you need one that is going to understand what you are going through with Alcohol in your relationship.
I have been to 4 different marraige counselors. The last one told us he couldn't help us with our marraige until my husband gets sober. But then he never offered me advice, like Al Anon, or individual counseling...weird eh? Keep are definately worth it!
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