Alcoholism and kids

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Alcoholism and kids

So my 10 yr old just came to me and said do you think dad was drinking tonight? I said well do you? And he said yes when we came hm (from dinner w/family husband didn't get home in time to go to) dad was staring @ the microwave and not cooking anything. I responded with well did it affect our night? He said no. I told him well we can't change if he did or didn't. But we still had a good time tonight right? He responded with yes.
😁 it really does just irk me for all the kids that have to deal with these situations! I have talked to my older boys about their dad being sick but it really bothers my 10 yr old!!
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I am so sorry. I think you handled it in a very wise way. Blessings to you and keep loving those kids and being a positive role model for them. They need that.
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kids are always the collateral damage of addiction. they know so much more than their sweet little selves should.
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What Anvil said.
It's heartbreaking.

I'm still fighting (and losing ground right now) the guilt of choosing an A for a parent for my kids. And for not getting them out sooner. And I have the therapy and psychiatry and inpatient mental health hospital bills to remind me. Every month.
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heartbrokenK - you handled that so well it could be made into a book! Out of my four kids the ten year old has had the most confusion and hurt. His dad has been sober for almost two months and I know he worries the most.

Lillamy, God love you for getting them help even if you feel like it was too late.. I do not doubt that you did the best you could.
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Thank you. I appreciate examples of good parenting.
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I bitterly regret not getting my kids out of the situation sooner. Why should they have to feel confusion and hurt? They are little kids. I honestly think a child having to put up with an alcoholic parent is a form of child abuse. I was guilty of this cos I didn't protect them. They have so much to work through now and cos of the anger the older ones feel I've lost them. They have left without leaving me a forwarding address or contact. My whole family has been torn apart cos I didn't act sooner and get rid of him. I clung on to the stupid belief of til death us do part and all the marriage vow crap he wasn't adhering too anyway. It wasn't a marriage it was an emotional mindf**k and my kids have paid the most. They had no choices at all. Do not tend up like me wishing you'd called time 10 years before you do.
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