When does the quacking stop hurting?

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7 and a half years on after separation & XHs nasty texts still hurt me.
The only difference now is that my reactions are less, I am able to respond politely or not at all & I think he is a complete #!*!.
It will get easier.
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Well unfortunately I have not retained a lawyer yet. I am just getting on my feet but it will come eventually! Thanks everyone! I guess I have to just realize this is apart of the process...Of course, today he was apologetic...sad he blacked out and didnt even remember sending those texts. He admitted he is bad news and i should just stay away. I am...our daughter has her kinder graduation ceremony Thursday so I am just trying to last past that and then she will be going to summer day camp and I wont have to deal with him in the mornings anymore.
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Congrats on Kiddie Garden.
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I made it through the graduation. Days like this are hard. I tear up having to see him. Same face and body but so mentally and emotionally arrested in his development. Took some pics of him and daughter together and I have been looking at them. Just see emptiness in his eyes. Just keeping going...I miss him so much but it is not even him anymore...
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I'm sorry I struggle with this too...logically I know it's nonsense but somehow it still gets to me. I hope it gets easier.
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I talk to my ex for parenting issues too. I blocked his cell phone so that, a) I couldn't receive his texts and calls; and b) to stop myself from being just as nasty when I replied. He can still leave voicemail on my land line and we can email. I usually let them sit for a day or two before I check them and he knows this. He doesn't get a reaction out of me any more so he's given up. And I'm much happier with myself for not being so reactive.
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