xAH told kids they'll be homeless... how to respond???

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I can't add anything else that hasn't been said already but I will keep you and your girls in my prayers.
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Originally Posted by MissFixit View Post
My God, that man sounds like a real prize. Wasn't he sending you "accidental" texts meant for another woman. Then gets accused of possibly being way inappropriate with your girls and then loses his job due to drinking. Now this...Ick.

You are in the thick of it now, but will come out the other side as will your girls.

Why not move in with Dad for the summer? Next school year? Cut back on expenses and have your dad help you out and be a positive male role model for girls. Sounds pretty good. Are you two close?
My dad lives on the other side of the country so I can't go for anything beyond a week vacation without agreement from crazy xAH...
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FWIW -- here is the guideline that I tend to go by. Especially the Truth part. >>>

I think it would all fit -- married, not, in the house or out.

Has not been real popular with the A side of things.

oh well.
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Make sure you document this all:
All the probs your child is having & what her Daddy has told her.
My XH did the same & tried to turn the kids against me, I am now in a custody battle & I have documents, dates, texts etc that prove manipulation 3 years ago.
I'm so sorry you're going through this, it really makes me mad when an adult can treat a child like this just to get at the other adult.
Remain calm, have a good talk to them, reassure them & yes please tell them that Daddy should not have said that, he was just upset.
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