My son has Autism

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Forgive me for bringing this up if this has already been addressed, but has your son's hearing been tested? Sometimes language delays are due to hearing impairments.
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I would maybe suggest getting outside testing if you're at all concerned about the diagnosis. It can be expensive, but worth it if you have doubts.
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I am currently dating a man with high-functioning autism. It shows in several ways such as being unable to read social clues and being very wary of social interaction, lack of eye contact, awkward gait, repetitiveness, etc. He is also incredibly intelligent, a musical genius, and very loving and affectionate. Autism comes in many shapes and sizes (they call it a spectrum for a reason), so while I think a diagnosis should not lead to certain expectations, it can really help make sense of baffling behavior. I wish my boyfriend had been diagnosed as a child.

That being said, I would not say anything unless asked and even then you can be evasive. Or just explain it in terms of making sense of behavior that family might otherwise find worrisome. Good luck!
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********, my heart goes out to you.. my sister (who's son was diagnosed in 1995) recommends this site: Parent-to-Parent::Support
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I just want to throw this out there to son has learning challenges and my H and I took him to a center called Brain Balance. I believe they work with children who have diagnosis like your child as well as dyslexia, add, adhd, etc. It was a god send for us and I can't say enough about the neurodevelopmental approach to brain development they use. I just wanted to pass that on!
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I did not read the whole thread, just your OP, but I have a son who has autism. He is 16 years old, and while he has huge strengths and is currently working with the custodial staff at the elementary school where I teach, he is considered on the severe end of the spectrum. He will never live alone, drive, or be able to manage his own finances.

I went through everything you described in your OP with family members.

My son has been an amazing force in my life. He is tenacious, despite obstacles. He is loving and caring, despite the experts claiming he is not capable of such. He is an excellent problem solver and thinker, despite IQ scores that on paper would indicate a profoundly low IQ. He blows my mind and warms my heart. I am lucky to get to raise him.

My son has taught me more about life than I can ever hope to teach him.

PM me if I can support you in any way on your journey with your son. Much love to you, mama...
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