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Originally Posted by PippiLngstockng View Post
I live as though doing the right thing is what matters. Well, we'll see in the end how things turn out, but the situation remains a bit precarious.

Thank you everyone for giving me the hard honest truth. I am taking it all in.

I am so so lucky that xah isn't trying (at the moment) to get custody. He's just trying to starve us.

It's hard to understand how mean not only xah has turned out to be, but how the court system supports people like him.
I understand living like doing the right thing is the most important thing. I try to live that way too. The problem is other people don't work that way, so in certain situations (money, legal and business) I have found that I have to be savvy and think several steps ahead. What will the other person do? What are the legal implications? What is the future cost? So, I mentally do a quick cost/benefit analysis. If the risk outweighs the likely reward, it is a no-go for me. There are areas where I stick to my guns and will go down in blazes for my principals but those are limited to areas where I am the only one who can be harmed and others are not so affected.

Pippi, I think you are lucky as hell that he doesn't seek custody of your kids. I doubt he wants that responsibility but he sounds like a vengeful s.o.b. Given your financial dependance on him and the fact that you all live abroad, I would not poke the tiger unless you absolutely must. The less interaction, the better.

You really are sounding much better and sure of yourself. I bet something career-wise will work out for you soon.
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Originally Posted by PippiLngstockng View Post
I don't know about this 3.5 week holiday in the US. Assuming I am employed, then they go without me. I think I can't handle that possibility. That's partly why I am dragging my heels on the just get a job already front. My umbilical cord with my 7 year old isn't long enough to reach across the Atlantic and it'll rip my guts out to let her go without me.

So I am trying to get a job that allows me the flexibility to do what I need to for the children this summer. Come what may.
That's a good plan, Pippi. I can understand not wanting to send all four of your children (even the oldest) across an ocean to spend time with an abusive father without you nearby. It sucks. I think equipping your kids with the tools they need to take care of and stand up for themselves (even calling 911 if needed) is extremely important in this case. Having a strong, self-assured mother like you definitely helps in that respect! I'm sorry, Pippi.
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