He contacted me - I have so much to say, but I won't.

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Congrats, Halo! It feels good to know deep down inside that the door is closed for good. When I blocked my XABF's phone number and email address, I had an instant feeling of serenity. His quacking or attempts to lure me back in would only detract from my own recovery.

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Good for you! So proud of you!
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good for YOU. the weight around your neck is gone, before it drowned you.
I wish you a happy, peaceful time as you heal. Moving forward, you will meet someone who treats you with kindness, respect and really cares for you.

take care of yourself, enjoy some small pleasures that make you feel good. (new nails, pedicure, facial, ice cream, deep sleep....a long walk in good weather).
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I'm proud of you!! it's a great feeling of strength, value and pride when we move forward and put ourselves first isn't it?

We don’t have time to be lied to, manipulated or conned by people who have little respect for themselves let alone for us.

There is a great big world out there filled with men who do not have drinking/drug issues – go find them…
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Each small step is bringing you closer to your peace and joy, Halo! You are a wonder!!
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Hey Halo. I can't over-applaud you Just look at where you are vs. 2+ weeks ago.

The beast that is this no contact, and I hear it in what you're saying, is that logical part of us that says "I had so much to say." I think you know by now I had so much to say too.

My ex's letter was a sham. That was confirmed after I was forced to call 911, after she showed up drunk at 6am at my door. And when I look at what you said he texted you, it's an apology coupled with an offer to give you something back.

I have a musician friend I might have mentioned who is 8 (more?) yrs recovering. An all around impressive guy. He texted me that 'addicts hate to lose things even more than others. when in reality they gave it all away'.

They gave us away, Halo. They didn't even lose us because they would have had to receive us and hear us more to do that. I know it hurts not to get to say your piece. I wish I could meet her in a park and have a conversation, hug her, and wish her well on her way. Instead I'm having to protect myself.

You are an inspiration. Keep going! I will too.
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I'm proud of you too. It took mine three months to contact me last time and I went right back. I swear to the universe I hope he never does again. But if he does, I will pray for the same courage and strength you have shown. GOOD FOR YOU! Stay Strong!!
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