What is wrong with her???

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What is wrong with her???

So... My ex gf has been having some issues. I shouldn't care but I do.

She's an alcoholic. Drank 4-5 times a week, binged for 3 of those. Rest of the time she was on weed, coke, and painkillers. She also smokes cigarettes.

When we were together she had a few incidents where she puked seemingly for days after a night out. It was brutal to watch. She went to a doctor who told her she had an ulcer so we gave her antibiotics. But this happened three times.

Toward the end she experienced sever abdominal pain and went to hospital. After x rays and such they couldn't find anything wrong with her. Gave her dilaudid for the pain and sent her home.

I just found out that she's been hospitalized twice recently with more pain. I didn't want to get too nosey but I am worried for her. She's 43 and has been partier her whole life. I'm thinking pancreatitis maybe? Just looking for input.
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Probably not being completely honest with the doctors (or you) about what she's on.
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Don't run yourself ragged trying to diagnose her.

My beloved exgf was a lifetime partier/binger - she had periodic kidney stones that would brutalize her. Pyelonephritis comes to mind as well. 'Pain' can mean so many things... I'm no doctor.

And if choublak is right (quite possible) that confounds the whole thing.

I understand. If I heard such news a few months from now I'd be heartbroken.
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Sounds like pancreatitis. RAH has a chronic case of it from his years boozing. They will be able to diagnose that from bloodwork and CAT scan no matter what she does or doesn't tell them.

It could also be other things.

P.S x-rays won't pick up pancreatitis.
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and what will a proper diagnosis of her condition DO for you? if it's pancreatis or a ruptured appendix?
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Hi Johnny, I'm sorry to hear about your ex's condition. I know it's hard to not worry.

My stepson drank himself into alcoholic hepatitis, jaundice, and ascites, but he never complained of pain as you are describing.

If she is seeing doctors, she is in good hands. Hopefully, one will see through any lies she may have told them and will get through the denial that runs so deeply in active addiction.
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