Full Freak Out....Yikes

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BlueSkies...I hope your head is better! I have to say, I wanted to give him a swift kick just reading it!

Lyssy...thank you! I so agree with that. It is not so much what I said to either my AH or even my kids, it is more how I said it. I am a keyed up person to start with. I really want to be a calm person, I don't want to be someone who yells at my family. When you yell people don't listen anyways, and I can see that when I yell my kids yell. It's an evil cycle and not something I want from myself.

That being said....what I said to my AH I think I had been stuffing for a while. He came back and said he is sorry for what has happened in the past and only wants happiness and love for us in the future...blah. blah. He did also say he acknowledges he caused these feelings for me and that even though yelling is wrong, he is sorry he has made me feel this way.

That made me feel a bit better as he is not a person who readily accepts blame. Surprise surprise eh?! O goes on. I have done what I can. I will talk to my girls tonight.

More importantly, I have gotten the support from you wonderful people to help me work out all of these feelings.

I hope each of you have a weekend full of relaxation and joy!
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