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I got turned down again for another rental. The leasing companies are ridiculous here! I have a 790 credit score, but they won't approve me because I don't have a job even though I can prove our household income will suffice and that I have assets to cover the lease cost. UGH!

I think AH knew this was going to happen, hence the 'buying the house' thing he decided to do. He knows it would be much easier on us financially for him to move out but he's made it clear that he won't go. My mom is coming to visit next month and she's considering co-signing a lease with me so that her income can be used for verification. She trusts that I have the money to pay and she fully knows our situation.

Ophelia, you should have heard the arguments we had about the vasectomy. He was afraid of anyone messing with his 'junk'. He didn't want me on the pill. I told him that I couldn't handle condoms because I always seemed to get a yeast infection from their repeated use. So, we were at another impasse as usual. I stayed on the pill out of fear of getting pregnant( I nearly died when I had our son and was very ill afterwards so I chose to not have another child) and out of convenience because yeast infections suck when you get them every month. It was the best option FOR ME and, I'm sure, it suited him just fine since he had to do nothing for birth control.

I agree with you about who he is and what I'm dealing with. I have to be very careful how I go about things. For now, I'm at least enjoying the peace and amiability in the house. It's making my life a bit easier!
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