When your adult child is alcoholic

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Thank you so much Dandylion and Hawkeye. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. My son is still living with me and not working. Taking my car and using my cell phone to get on the Internet since I don't have a computer. I live in a rural area and he is bored out if his mind. My transmission went out Tuesday night on my way to work so I have been gone since Wednesday night staying with a friend. I bought him 2 large pizzas before I left but havn't been to the grocery so I know the food supply must be getting low there. I'm going home later today to buy groceries and check on him. Worried about him but hoping he may learn something. It is starting to weigh on me as you both described. Arguments etc. thank you again for the support. I hope I can figure out how to motivate him to better himself. At 26 all he wants to do is party. Posted on Facebook that he " jacked his moms car to go get high" then forgot to log out so I saw it and confronted him. It makes me angry and sad that he could have so little respect for the person who is trying to be there for him! I think he was ashamed but didn't apologize. Just had to vent. Thanks.
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