Couple of things ....

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Couple of things ....

Hey all,

Well, SD's mum is still in rehab, 4 weeks now. I guess that's good? My MIL went to see her on Sunday, against our wishes, to "get information" should SD wish to know. We didn't wish to know but got told anyway! We were told that she was rude & abrasive, & every time MIL spoke about the future & how abstinence would pave the way to better things, she walked off & wouldn't discuss it. She's also refused extra rehab after these six weeks, which apparently she's been told will really benefit her recovery. Why shes refused we don't know, but she has. I'm sure rehab isn't easy, but would imagine life after will be much harder, and I'm also sure that she will be made aware of this.

What I guess I'm wondering is - does she seem committed to recovery, or is 6 weeks enough? She's also been told she has to relocate to a different town, away from her friends who are all addicts, but that also means leaving the town where her son lives. That's gotta be pretty stressful!

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Years(?) of Drunk-a-logic behavior and thinking are rarely overcome in a few weeks . . . unless there is a true miracle.

Just stay clear, and work your own (Alanon?) Programs.
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