Happy US Thanksgiving.....

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Happy US Thanksgiving.....

Wherever you are, whatever your day holds, I hope it will bring peace and joy to you and yours! Oh, and plenty of wonderful food, too!
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Happy Thanksgiving to all SR folks. And happy Hanukkah to those celebrating. I've been thinking that the miracle of a tiny light lasting longer than seemed possible, and long enough to make new light, reminds me of everyone here holding onto the hope they have left and trying to generate better futures for themselves. May you all have hope, light, and gratitude today. I am thankful for you all.
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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!

Like Springs, I was thinking about that little light in the darkness that kept burning. Against all odds. There are days when iI feel like I have just a little pilot light burning, but God keeps it burning. Against all odds.

Let's all remember all that we have to be grateful for. There is always more than I remember on a daily basis. Lots of love to you all.
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Thanks, Seren, for all you do! xoxoxo
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Kind of funny that today Mrs. Hammer (with an Eating Disorder, but now an addiction T) is taking her Rehab Clientele / Troupe to work in a Soup Kitchen today. I was asking if she gets to drive the Short Bus today. So we will do the Tofurky Feast with the kids this evening when she gets back. Funny twisted world when you finally stop being too scared to laugh at it all.
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Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving as well! Gobble Gobble!
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Happy Thanksgiving to my SR family!! Your ES&H has always been on point, honest but kindly expressed even when I didn't want to hear it...truly love u guys!! ((((((hugs))))))
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Sister whom we thought wouldn't be with us this year was here indeed, and not drinking. She has gained weight and looks human again. (Cirrhosis, which she still has of course, but she nearly died last year because of a liver infection on top of it.)

Some of us had wine with dinner (two bottles shared by five people) but she didn't touch any. Thankful. Very thankful.
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