Help me understand this... So unbelievably sad

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I will second that last. I was on a school's hiring committee and I can remember one position in particular (in MA) where we had three fabulous terrific candidates. Our final decision felt entirely random. All three were truly equivalently great.

Let this light a fire under you. Now you know what you are hungry for - go find it! There will be other opportunities. Keep yourself very prepared and keep revving up your skills. It will come!

Just as a point of reference. I have been interviewing and I left my dream profession to marry AH. 18 years later I have been out of the workforce all that time, I am not young, I love learning the local language every day and get better always but I am not particularly hirable yet unless I get a job speaking/teaching English or picking grapes. I have only a few months to find a job or they kick me out of the country and it is so hard to put myself back out there in these conditions.

Haprpy for you that you have a job, have recent work experience and many possibilities ahead! Maybe that is annoying for ne to say, but it could be worse!
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