Anyone read 'Screwtape: Letters on Alcohol'?

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Anyone read 'Screwtape: Letters on Alcohol'?

I just read the previews online and have to say it grabbed me.

C.S. Lewis had written the original 'Screwtape', which deals with spiritual battles from a retiring devil's perspective. Ira Hutchinson took up the format, but dedicating his book on alcoholism.

The previews online intentionally skip pages(so yoiu have to buy the book instead of downloading it!), and what i read follows in this matter:

In a series of letters, addressed to a demon named Rotbranch, the devil gives insight on men, women, teens, married, single, etc and how they have become alcoholics, how they perceive things, the social and psychological disposition and impacts of alcholism, and the ramifications of the alcoholic's behavior.

Anyone read the whole book? If so, have any opinions/insights you'd like to share?
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I haven't yet, but it sounds like an interesting one to add to my shelves!
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Because I found Screwtape Letters so intriguing, I am definitely going to be looking for this twist of the book.
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The preview was definately intriguing. Google it. I'm looking for the Screwtape letters in the used book stores(dont like paying retail on books!).
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Did you ever end up buying this book; if so, can it be summed up? Sounds like a good one.
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Incidentally, C S Lewis' (author of screwtape) brother was an alcoholic. They appear (from what I know of his bio) to have had a very tender relationship, and shared a home for much of their adult lives...

C S Lewis is a fantastic writer...recently read A Grief now to look again at Screwtape...

Thanks for sharing that
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Ahhhh, get it now, it's an adaptation of Lewis' allegory used in the original Screwtape Letters....
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I loved the screwtape letters. You can read them online here.,d.cGU

I'll also look for the work by Hutchinson
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