Needing some information for recovery...PLEASE HELP

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Needing some information for recovery...PLEASE HELP

Hi all,

Well I am a 16 year old daughter of an alcoholic mother. She has tried to stop countless times but it always leads back to drinking. I was wondering if there was any way I could admit her to a detox center that could give her the help she needs. I was also wondering if that would even be a good idea. She has always had bad nerves and takes medicine that worsens the affect of the medication. If you can help me with any information on what my mom is going through or on how I can get her help and how to help her please email me (sub: Help on the way!) or post a reply.
Thanks so much,
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Hello Nadia,
Welcome to the recovery forum. A very sad fact is that it is impossible to force an addict to get help. Until they decide for themselves, there is nothing you can do to make them quit. I expect you have let your mother know how you feel about her drinking, and that is all you can really do. You are wise to think of detox, especially since she is combining drugs with alcohol. When she does decide to quit, she should be medically supervised. We can help you find detox centers in your area when she's ready. In an emergency situation, just take her to the local hospital emergency room. It will not be the first detox they have had to handle.
Now about you! Have you tried to find alanon or alateen meetings in your area? Dealing with another persons drunkeness can be a very lonely and isolating experience. You are not alone! And going to meetings can help you to cope with the sadness of it all.
Please keep posting! We care.

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Hi Nadia

Welcome to our board and please feel free to come here anytime.

One thing I would do is make sure her doctor is aware of how much she drinks. The doctor may already know, but if not the combination of some medications with alcohol can be very dangerous. I think that is very important.

As Smoke said, sadly we cannot change them until they really want to change themselves. Going to Al-Ateen, or Al-anon will certainly help you and connect you to many people who are going through the same thing you are.

Another suggestion is to get some literature from AA, including a meeting list and leave it somewhere that she might find it and read it when no one is around. It is unlikely that she would be receptive to you giving it to her, but if it is sitting on your dresser or somewhere that she would see it, I'll just bet she looks. It may not help now, but you never know and maybe down the road something might click.

Good luck and please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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