Finally the tide is turning

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Finally the tide is turning

XAH dropped his car off and borrowed mine (not worth explaining- I did have police here for exchange). Anyway today I moved D5's car seat after he had left and under it was a half full flask.

He picks the girls up each morning and drives them to school FYI

Police came straight back and took it seriously for once. Said they'd report to DCYF as will I.

I texted xAH about it who was dumb enough to admit to putting it there and made 100 different excuses and changed the story as many times. I just stayed quiet and he kept at it via text basically digging his own grave.

Cops said the court order stands for tomorrow morning so I hVe to let him drive them bc I am not giving him one ounce of reason to allege I violated anything. BUT his car is now on "high alert" status w the cops AND tomorrow we have a joint meeting w our lawyers to negotiate vs go into court.

So I'm feeling pretty confident that either negotiations will go week for me or we will head to court in a week and a half and he can explain the flask under his kids car seat there which I am guessing he won't want to do.

It's a start of things going in the right direction for my kids and I.
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I truly believe that the vast majority of the time, sooner or later, if you give someone enough rope, he/she will hang him/herself with it.
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