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Dating someone in recovery & having an alc dad, I think I pretty much get the jist of this - but just wanted to ask - whats with referring to an alchoholic as "quacking"? haha! I assume it's when they spew BS cliches and rationalizations for their behavior...?
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Yep, you got it. Welcome, btw!
When my a gives me the old speel of excuses, or when he rationalizes any part of his behavior, I sit there in my head sometimes and think ,"And a quack quack quack!!". I don't take it as personally then and I can recognize that just b/c he chooses to act that way, it doesn't mean I need to.
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Hiya Dae...When my SonnyBoy starts in on what a bad mom I am..and how he was born in to the wrong family and if I wasn't so controlling then he wouldn't HAVE to drink...and oh yeah the way...can I borrow a coupla dollars...I look at him dead in the face...I see the blue eyes...the cleft in the chin so like his daddy's...and hear "quack quack qua...quacccckkkkk"..because what he is really saying is that I am a GOOD mom..that took the time to find out where he was...caught him in his web of lies time and again...and controlling to an addict = loving someone to us non addicts...So now I love him...but I leave him alone with his addictions. I walk away when the quacking noise gets too loud (which is often) and also quite a coup for me..since I have never walked away from special Sonny before...but thats a whole 'nuther story. Welcome...and you catch on quick!! :-)

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This is a thread where we had some fun composing the Quackese/English dictionary. It might help explain...

And another hilarious post from days gone by, LOL
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