Just have to admit..

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Just have to admit..

I'm dreading the weekend. My A is home all. weekend. long.
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Did you make any plans for yourself this weekend? Anywhere that you can go? Anyone that you could visit?

I'm really sorry that you have to dread your weekend, but believe me, it is still possible to have a good time. It is just that your A most probably will not be involved.
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I completely understand and I second what Healthyagain said - go have fun yourself! I know it sucks feeling like you aren't comfortable in your own home - believe me!

My A is really working on drinking like a normal person for the last couple moths, and mostly succeeding (we all know how long that will last) but suddenly, even though hes currently sober 90% of the time, I just don't want to be around him in case tonight is that 10% of the time.

So I haven't been. I've been hanging out with my friends - and my dogs outside the house - A LOT. He is noticing, and I think trying even harder now, but I honestly don't care at this point. I do me, you do you, buddy.

Now that i'm spending more time with friends, they ask me to do fun things more often. So I keep doing them. My stress level is way down, i'm busy, and feel like i'm in an actual healthy cycle - and actually having some lighthearted and carefree fun. I don't know whats going on with me, but even though hes mostly sober, I find myself wanting to spend less and less time at home - and less and less time with him. So be it. We'll see what happens!
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