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No news .....

Hi all,

It's been a while since I last posted, but nothing really has changed. Well, I say that, but I guess things have changed really. Stepdaughter's mum has not contacted her for 15 weeks now (the last time SD saw mum was in the hospital car park). Okay, SD told her she didn't want to see her or speak to her, and it would seem that mum has taken that quite literally and hasn't even bothered to text SD to say "hi, how are you" or "just letting you know that I love you". Nothing. My mother in law saw her about a month ago, and had a go at her for not contacting SD. Mum's response was 'she doesn't want me in her life', so my MIL said 'that's because you let her down again, and started drinking immediately after being in hospital and dried out for a week, and so now you're giving up then? You're not even going to bother texting her, just to acknowledge she still exists?' Mum said 'I'm not drinking as much as before, but, well, okay, I will text her this afternoon'. She didn't. Mum told MIL that she can no longer eat, she cannot chew or swallow food so is on a liquid food diet. She apparently looks absolutely dreadful.

SD is having more intensive counselling now, but actually hasn't self-harmed for about 3 weeks, which is great. We're hoping that the incredibly hot weather we've had has gone some way to stopping her from harming, because of the need to wear clothes with short sleeves!! And, for the most part, she says she doesn't care about her mother, but does admit that it would be nice if mum did text her, although she wouldn't text back. I think she would quite like her mum to be the 'adult' and take the bull by the horns so to speak. Instead, mum is being quite childish, I think, by not contacting her daughter at all.

Does it surprise me? No, not really, but it still sucks.
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I'm so sorry--this is very sad for your stepdaughter.

I'm so glad she has someone caring, like you, in her life. I have a feeling she will come through this ordeal a much stronger and well-balanced young lady thanks to you.
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