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jamaicamecrazy 07-30-2013 04:55 PM

it's that time a year again
Sweet summer time, relaxing, time with friends, get aways. But also too much time to think and obsess. I had dinner the other night with an old HS friend who is a psychiatric nurse and a ACOA. I had told her about my husband's personality changes over the last few years we were together and his withdrawal from family and friends even though he seems to be functioning regarding his job and I guess paying his bills and such. She wondered if he had early dementia. I did not ask her to elaborate because I know this is a trigger for me. I have this nagging suspicion that he is "losing it" especially when he forgets things regarding the kids. I do think he went through a depression he refused to get help for. We have almost NC and it is technically no longer my problem but it's what I obsess about at times. Who's problem is it? He rarely sees his kids or his sister? Would he be able to recognize that he needs help? I know I cannot intervene. I seem to make him anxious and angry but every time I talk to his sister or try to bring something up to the kids I sound like a crazy woman. Maybe I just am. Taking deep breaths and going to a meeting tonight. Thanks for letting me share.

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