My 1st Al-anon meeting

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Thumbs up My 1st Al-anon meeting

I will be going back I want to thank you on this board...I would have never decided to go if it weren't for you.

It wasn't what I expected. I was very nervous going in, but it was a wonderful, accepting, welcoming group. They didn't even talk about alcohol very much. It was more of a group therapy session. I actually spoke for a few minutes and it felt good to get it out and tell people who were unbiased and could relate.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have social anxiety, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I feel that going to these meetings will help me deal with my anxiety as well as my husband's drinking. This is way more than I thought I would get out of it...and I've only been to one meeting.

I stayed for a little bit after the meeting and a few members hugged me and told me to come back and that they were glad I was there. I talked with one who told me about other meetings that are really great on different days in different towns.

I really needed this. I feel hopeful now. When I came home, my husband asked "What should I do now? Should I not drink in front of you?" I told him to just keep doing what he's doing. I don't want him to sneak. I told him that I know I can't control or change his drinking, so I decided to change the way I think about it. That's why I will keep going to Al-anon.
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This is the ONE situation around here where we absolutely LOVE to say "I told you so!"

Keep comin' back!
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Some very wise person on SR said this about our recovery and going to al-anon and I will always remember it because it was so true.

Recovery is being asked to give up all we've ever known to get something better that we can't yet understand………

Keep going back it works if you work it!!!

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I'm glad you had such a positive experience and already think its going to do a lot of good for you. That's great!
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I'm so glad you went, and that the experience was so good!
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Originally Posted by atalose View Post
Recovery is being asked to give up all we've ever known to get something better that we can't yet understand………
What a great quote!

SomewhereElse, so very, very glad that you went to the meeting and found it to be all you hoped for.

As others have said, keep on going, keep on working on yourself, and slowly answers will become clear in other areas of your life, too.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
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I'm always happy when someone musters up the courage to go to that first meeting. AlAnon changed my life and I know it can change yours too!!! The A may not change, but you will. Keep going back!
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