Dating a alcoholic

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Originally Posted by visch1 View Post
Personally as a male, sober in AA for 30+ years I say that many of us are difficult to live with period. We think differently in many ways not badly just different. Next is the drinking person has a very raw emotional level that is difficult to understand by a "normal" person and might last too long even if sobering up. I feel that 2 "normal" people s relationship are difficult enough. JMHO. BE WELL
Well said. I got in a relationship with my current boyfriend while I was actively drinking and getting worse. When I went into recovery we almost broke up because we just clashed non stop but thanks to AA and the grace of God we have managed to work things out and life is pretty darn good today. Don't get me wrong we still have little tiffs and once in a while a big argument over something ridiculous, but so does everyone else in the world so that's alright. Lol.
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Originally Posted by wolfpackfan45 View Post
If it's difficult to watch now, give it a few more years and imagine what it will be like. It will only get worse as alcoholism is a progressive disease. Good luck with that. Unfortunately I don't see a really bright future unless she finds sobriety.
i so agree with this...
good luck
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