Making a List

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Making a List

Everytime those feelings of hurt and rejection start to surface, I make a mental list of things he pulled on me which should make me glad that he is gone from my life. It's a bit embarressing actually. I have to ask myself why would I (or anyone else) stay with someone who acts like this.

Only show up for free sex
Never ask my opinion on anything
Stick me with $3500 of travel expenses
Compulsive lying
Cheating with other women
Drinking and smoking MJ
Filing for bankruptcy
Spending 60 days in jail for DWI
Married and divorced 4 times
Still hung up on his last wife
Hasn't paid taxes in 10 years (although this was cleared up in the bankruptcy)
Never remembers birthdays, holidays, etc.

This is a very short list. There is much more, but I'm tired and may actually sleep well tonight.

Goodnight all.

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Wow. That's quite a list. I am sure that we all have things that we could put on our own list. It's funny when it's there in black and white .... it certainly makes ya wonder! My sponsor asks me to write a list, and then look at it as if someone else gave it to me. If a friend handed me that list, what would it tell me? What might I suggest that she do?? It has taken a long time to learn that I deserve all the good things in life too. And I deserve to be treated with honor, respect, dignity, and grace. We all do.

Good night gracie. Sleep well.

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I made a similar list about my son once. He had pulled the ol' "you never do anything for me" rabbit out of his hat and that GUILT gene of mine came bubbling to the surface. I laid in bed tossing and turning until I ended up getting downright pissed at him! I got up and furiously typed a very colorful list of things I had done...many of them more than once....

I slept like a baby! I still have it on my computer so I can refer back to it if I should ever become that insane again!

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