Projection How does it work?

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And although it sounds like a positive at first, because we're talking about 'good' qualities, it's still actually negative, because it's me giving him credit for being a better person than he actually is, which is detrimental to ME and the way I think about him. Not sure if I'm making sense, but just thought I'd share a different spin on it.
this happened to me in my last "relationhsip" which gives a name to some kinda connection we had. I was telling him how nice, understanding, caring and just all around good guy he was ( what I thought was a normie, because i am an alkie ).
He did get uncomfortable, and kind of squirmed under the unintended pressure I was giving him to be a good guy.
Not a perfect guy. But a good guy.
At least I am projecting positive things now.
And now, I am aware of how I can convince myself of certain things.

Rose colored glasses, still tinged with pink but clearer than ever before.

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We can also project our fears on someone not just our feelings.
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Hammer- Really interesting....Trying to figure out how it plays out.....It's funny you mentioned Disney Princesses. I think my ex thought I would transform him. I think he thought being with me would be a shortcut to him dealing with his problems. He declared I was not "the one." I do not believe in the one. I believe you are drawn to certain people. We may fall in love. After awhile love becomes a choice. It is a conscious action to chose to be loving. Anyway, when he said, "you are not the one. " I said, "I didn't realize we were Disney Princesses." Oh, well.....
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