you guys were right ...

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you guys were right ...

Earlier I had posted about how I was having problems detaching and how desperately I wanted to ask AH how his recovery was going. Everyone here told me to let him handle it himself.

Well stupidly, I couldn't keep my big ole mouth shut. I asked him how he was doing and why he hasn't gone to a meeting lately.

He told me to keep out of it, that it was none of my business and he was highly offended I would intrude. I should have listened to all of you.
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Don't be too hard on yourself. We've all been there, it's hard initially to stay out of it when you care so much. Progress....not Perfection.
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Someone recently posted: CONTACT==FRESH PAIN

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Yeah, everyone was so right about NC. My exabf resurfaced, attacking me in an email. I just couldn't resist writing him back and defending myself. It was a huge mistake that totally set me back in my recovery. I feel like a complete idiot. NC is the key to serenity; I am convinced of it now.
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