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Don't You Ever Just Want Bad Things to Happen to Your *#%!$ A?

Don't You Ever Just Want Bad Things to Happen to Your *#%!$ A?

Old 05-29-2013, 10:02 PM
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Keeping busy has been one of the ways my anger has "subsided"

I used to breathe anger towards XABF ! Recently someone brought up a topic that reminded me of him and I went "Ohhh.. XABF..."

It had been a LONG time since I last remembered him.

I like karma but what I don't like about it is that I am not THERE when it happens for others whom I am angry with LOL.

Anyway, at least for XABF, and seeing how much suffering an active addiction brings to everyone, just being his untreated self is enough for me not to wish anymore bad for him. He has way too much already, whether he accepts it or not. I do not wish him good things either. I am just too grateful because I was able to leave before I received more emotional punches.
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Old 05-30-2013, 11:09 AM
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That was a rough spot I was in yesterday. Like a lot of you, it's the bold-faced, calmly spoken lies that get me the most sometimes. The righteousness he carries off while being a total wretch to me in a way he knows will bring on my fury while no one notices anything amiss.

Stupidest reason to get angry. He wrote, through his lawyer, that most of our problems are caused by my inability to be realistic about our financial situation. Aaarrrggghhh!!! This said by the man who can't pay child support but is too rich to share our 6 bedroom house with a renter! @:&>*%#!

My brand of crazy is that my first instinct is to think he's right! Oh, of course I'm a moron and I can't manage the complexities of finance like my brilliant, practical AH! I get furious because part of me is fighting with myself, thinking how of course it's due to me that our money is a mess. I believe whatever he says. And feel guilty for bringing all these problems on our family.

I used to believe him about the drinking/lying/deceiving being all my fault too.

I am brainwashed.

I need to get a job already, move on with my life, and forget the creep.

But yesterday, I was stabbing my napkin with my fork, reciting 'yet who would have thought he had so much blood in him!' (Think Lady Macbeth). I forget what her man did to get her so worked up. Don't think it was because he accused her of poor budgeting skills
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Old 05-31-2013, 09:52 AM
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lol ! I get this post soo much.

I realized the strength of karma recently when I think of the past.

My first serious relationship was with a guy who dumped me and married a model - ouch! (I was with him from 13 - 16 years old) He had everything you could ask for ...but he behaved like a jackass and eventually after about 20 years she left him - he was DEVASTATED - but in an angry way , became very pious and blamed her for all HIS bad behaviour! I thought Oh lovely now you know how I felt. He sent me a long email telling me how painful it was and how sorry he was for the way he had treated me.!

Then I had a manager in the bank I worked who was a real bitch to me. I left. Some years later I met a work colleague who she had torchured even more than me at the time, anyway I learnt that she had recently died from a brain tumour. I was quite delighted and felt she had caused so much misery unnecessarily - but sorry for her family.

Then I had a guy who I used to fancy like mad keep asking my sister about me years later. He had not been nice to me at all. Eventually he tracked me down to where I worked and came in to say - he was really sorry about how he had treated me all those years ago. I remember thinking he looked one step away from being a 'down and out' and wondering what I ever saw in him.

Now I almost feel like saying to people who are horrible to me to take care!!!!
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Old 05-31-2013, 10:26 AM
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This is where I was two years ago, I'm a lot better now but I still enjoy this for all the bad reasons.

Cast Me - Hulk, AW - Loki

Hulk vs Loki Smash HD (Full) - YouTube
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Old 05-31-2013, 10:35 AM
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I think the best part of that clip is where Loki is going on about being a God and how everyone else was beneath him. Could have been a direct quote from my AW.

Your friend,
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