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What to do when rock bottom doesn't make him want to quit drinking??

What to do when rock bottom doesn't make him want to quit drinking??

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LOL!!! I was typing when BunnyNest posted, so didn't read it until after I posted. Guess that's two opinions that CoDependent No More is an "eye opener"!!!
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Make that three!

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'What to do when rock bottom doesn't make him want to quit drinking??'

Y'know the old adage: 'everything will be OK, in the end. If it isn't OK, it isn't the end.' Well, if rock bottom doesn't wake you up, then it ain't rock bottom. I mean, this might be your rock bottom, but that don't mean he's reached his.

In the meantime, trying to 'protect' him by covering up, lying or any way really only enables him and compromises yourself. You cannot control him...and he doesn't control you. Do what you need to to keep yourself well, safe and true- only then can you live life or help others. And they must be willing to accept help.

It's cruel and nasty and unfair...but true - rock bottom really is a place a person must reach on their own.
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What to do When Rock Bottom Doesn't Make Them Want to Quit...hmmmmm

Originally Posted by Tryingtoletgo3 View Post
Hitting "bottom" is something that some alcoholics never do unfortunately...My STBXAH didn't hit bottom when he went to prison, the first time, the second time.....the fourth time. He didn't hit bottom when he was in the hospital having his stomache pumped and was seizing with a BAC of .5...he didn't hit bottom when he used my pregnant stomache as a punching bag because in an alcohol induced stupor he believed I got pregnant on purpose to trap him.....
Sometimes, the only thing you can do is analyze your own bottom and get out of the way!
You have gotten some great advice already here. Think about what you want for your own life and if that is possible with your AB.
If there was only a magical answer to this. I read most of the threads and I was amazed at the strength of most of you and what you have been going through. Makes my issue mild in comparison. I had an alcoholic mom, she died. I had an alcoholic dad, he died. I have an alcoholic brother and he is 50 and has been in and out of jail several times, has done unspeakable things to other people, continues to beg for places to stay or he will go to a shelter, continues to beg for money or he will go to church with the rest of the family and pretend to serve God until someone takes him in or gives him some money, continues to tell lies, steal from the rest of the family and in general has allowed the disease to take over his entire life. It must suck to be him and I feel real bad, but I stopped giving in to any of his behaviors years ago.

The rest of the family treats me as if I have abandoned them and left my brother for them to deal with, but honestly....I just got tired. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life now that I don.t have to deal with any of that bad behavior. I tried talking to the rest of the family about Tough Love but there were not trying to hear it and ignored me, yet they are constantly all the time....hmmmm I wonder why....been there...done that.
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