I may leave Al Anon

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Before the meeting begins I say a prayer to my Higher Power inviting his presence not only in the meeting but into my heart, mind, ears and mouth. In this way I can hear my Higher Power's guidance regardless of the personality being used as the conduit and I too, am the vessel; sometimes for delivery unto my own self.

The meetings I attend primarily focus on the solution and the experience, strength and hope found within. All of them specifically ask that the focus be kept on ourselves and not on the alcoholic. Whether other people can entirely abide by this is no reason to not let the paradigm begin with me.

Even a raving newcomer is a healthy perspective for where I have progressed from and can remind me of the simple solutions that worked then as well as today.
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Hi Summer, I really understand what you are saying and I am pretty much at the same point. I just don't feel that I am getting anything out of it anymore.

I do believe that it is possible to recover from trauma, to get better and to heal. I don't feel recovery is a life long journey. I have moved from a path of recovery to a path of self discovery and growth and on this path Alanon no longer plays much of a role. It's focus on recovery, which is where it should be, is limiting rather than helpful.

I simply look at it as moving to the next stage of my journey.

Take what you want and leave the rest.

Your friend,
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