OK, I hit bottom. My house is COMPLETELY unmanageable.

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oh we DO have a stuffed, mounted fish on the wall - other wall. Merle the Muskie...the muskie is known as the fish of a thousand casts, hank caught Merle on July 4, 1994 at Caldron Falls, WI...23 he tells it...drunk, in a canoe with a rusty lure! we had him shipped out to us a few years ago. so I really don't NEED anymore FISH, singing or otherwise!
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A work in progress
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Just as well that I'm too disorganized to do my holiday shopping early, then.

Maybe I'll pick up a cannibal fork while I'm in Fiji.
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Live from Fiji!

Maybe I'll pick up a cannibal fork while I'm in Fiji.
Excellent choice, I must say madam. Would you like that gift wrapped?
I love VanGogh, I bought huge posters, Starry Night and Irises are my favorites.
Another favorite is the self portrait with his missing ear bandaged.
Poor man. What beauty he left behind though.

I have been using 20/10 to great advantage! I can do anything for a few minutes.
And I have been using the phrase UFYour____! with great pleasure.
Fill in the blank for everything!
It makes me laugh. What can I say?
I am a 54 year old juvenile.

Be good in Fiji, LexieCat,
I was gonna say I have spies everywhere, but not there!
Have fun in between meetings and please take pictures!
Lots of flowers and big, brightly colored birds.
Maybe I am thinking of the wrong place?


UF***in' my life every chance I get!
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coupla things lexie

I have identified that I do have hoarderish tendencies, much of the extra stuff came from a time when divorcing an A, which took years during which time I was seriously wondering if I would be left with anything, I wasn't able to remove anything because it was joint property, or do any repairs without his permission. After that was finalised it has taken me 2 years to get near a position where I like my home. The hoarderish thinking comes in that I started to attach emotional significance to objects during that time, and keeping things "just-in-case", or for an aspirational lifelstyle that doesn't serve my needs now.

I have a friend who when stressed throws stuff away and cleans almost obsessively, and one who cannot throw anything away ever. my point being that lots of people deal with their physical environment on an emotional level rather than logically, and people don't have to be "recovery folks" to get or not judge that, or have an addictive background to get into the state I got myself into: bereavement, divorce, childhood trauma, redundancy, assault, illness, all these things can lead to it, it's VERY common.

Hiring a professional is a very good idea if you can afford it, experience of friends who use them have said that they tell you not to get any new storage items before-hand as they guarantee we all have too many already.

I started small and easy (my wardrobe is still not done as I have dreams of slimming down to wear that stuff again!) but the hardest bit for me was getting rid of the possessions of my ex - nearly 2 years post divorce he has not collected them, and placing them into storage for him to collect with a time limit seemed a gargantuan task, but over the course of 2 weeks, little and often, I've managed to do it.

and for me that is the key - little and often, wasn't always in the same area or same type of stuff, but doing anything to get stuff out of the house so the remainder was easier to sort through has made all the difference.

I hosted a book club last week and was complimented on my "beautiful home" (and I don't think they were being sarcastic or polite ), despite the renovation projects that I have ongoing (not as big as yours).

It is not minimal, I don't want a minimal home, and it is clearly lived in with art projects (mine and the kids) all over the place, but the cupboards of doom are now organised, I can get into the shed and am slowly organising that, and I can see a way clear to sorting out the loft sufficiently that it can be converted to a bedroom (DD's bedroom is way too small - room for a bed and nothing else).

recently discovered UFYH - and it's more my cup of tea too!
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