i relapsed

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i relapsed

I was doing okay with NC...its been hard. Today I had an overwhelming desire to talk to her. One of her A friends kept texting me all this she misses you she loves you...crap. I broke down and called her but blocked my number. How is it she can't see how horrible her taking me to court is? I found out this "friend" is going to pay for her lawyer! I am angry at myself for my actions. I keep saying at least I didn't unblock my number, or see her or let her see the kids.
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Hang tough. Her friends are suspect, in terms of whose side they are on.

I'd go no contact with her friends, too. Tell them you do not want to hear from them, or from her.
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Be positive. This was a learning experience.

Stop beating yourself up already! Now you know not to get caught in that trap again.
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You were baited with intention, malice and forethought. Now, learn from your mistake, no need to beat yourself up, that won't resolve a thing.
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Hang in there, it happens to all of us. Whenever there are messages from the A's "friends" it is never going to have a good outcome IMO. If you blocked your number so she wouldn't know it, how does her friend? I would prob. change my number and make sure her friends don't have it either. You don't need the extra stress and manipulation coming from her friends when you're trying to take care of yourself and stay NC.

Try to use this as a learning lesson. It hurts when people text us and update us on the A. I always tell myself, if I am putting the effort into going no contract with him/her, I might as well make it NC from any addict or any friends of the A too. We just don't need the extra chaos .
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And even if the friends (not this one, obviously, but others) are not trying to be malicious, they could be feeding info to her, even accidentally.

She could be using THEM to get to you.

Cut them off, be lonely for a little bit, and then the serenity hits you, and you actually wish you did it sooner. And it is also easier to stay NC with her as well.
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