AH going to inpatient treatment

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Today went pretty well. I went back to work today, and although I'm tired as hell, it was good to focus on something else. My manager is being supportive and is letting me make some schedule adjustments so I can pick up the dog from daycare on what are usually my late work days (AH used to pick him up on those days), and the daycare place has also offered to stay late so I can pick him up after-hours if need be.

I'm also really happy to report that my mom has done a 180 - when I spoke to her again last night, she was super-supportive and way more positive. She said that once she got over the initial shock, she realized that this is a good thing - that he's going to work on getting better & that I can work on getting better (and on putting on a few pounds, ha! - she's been on me to gain weight for as long as I can remember). She told me yesterday & again today to tell him that he has their (my parents') support. WOW! Huge step for my mom.

I spent most of last evening on the phone with my sister, my SIL, and my mom. My sister has been absolutely fantastic. She's coming to visit me next weekend - she wisely said that I probably just need to rest & have some space this weekend, and she's going to come out next Friday-Sunday to visit me. I'm really excited! I don't really get to see her often, and it's just great that she just knew I need help & support & some fun. We're going to hang out, cook, eat yummy desserts, and watch movies. Sounds so wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to be. Tonight, I'm finally getting to sleep in my own bed again. For a few months now, I've been crashing on the couch pull-out bed, and I'm really excited to sleep in a real bed with freshly laundered sheets. I've got some general plans for the weekend - resting, finding my kitchen counter again, catching up on some cleaning, cooking up a storm, visiting AH, doing some shopping, and maybe even a bubble bath & pedicure. A couple months ago, I picked up crocheting again, so I may whip up a couple pieces - I promised a cousin I'd make her a scarf, and I'm itching to try to make a pair of glommits for myself.

Well, the dog is hinting rather loudly that it's time to take him for his final walk of the evening, so I'm off for now. Looking forward to a new, even better tomorrow. And I can't fully express how happy I am to say that & mean it & know it's possible.
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