Long rant of frustration and desparation

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Redtail..... I have read your story and noticed you haven't posted in a few days. Is everything okay?
Sending prayers and blessings your way....
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Hello all

I started to update the other day, but felt I needed to wait. Now, I think I can tell you about the past two weeks.

My brother got a little "wiggy" on us, so last week I filed for and GOT emergency custody of my nephew.

Then brother went really wiggy. He started making threats, threatening to come out to my house if I didnt meet with him (he knew I was not home). He insisted that I meet with him ALONE, so naturally I refused. He then called my mother (he knew I was with her) and told her that if I did not meet with him that he would report me for child abduction.

I did not meet with him and he did call and report me for child abduction. He then went to my house, still knowing that I was not home. Fortunately, my own children were not home either (we had hid them somewhere) and my husband was able to call the police.

My brother was arrested down the road from my house, and charged various crimes. He bonded out within 24 hours.

So, since then we have been living in a locked house with chains on the doors. He breaks the law and its us living in "prison".

We go to court this Friday to determine if I will have permanent sole custody and my brother is NOT handling it well at all.
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Getting there!!
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I am sorry Redtailgal for all your pain, anxiety and stress. Your nephew and family are so blessed to have you. You are all in my prayers.
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still in court, cant say much about what is going on, but havent forgotten ya'll
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