AH read my post from the other day.........

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AH read my post from the other day.........

I guess I did not log out on my computer and he got on mine and not his- he read how upset I was he said he would just let the house foreclose as opposed to me staying there without him. He woke me up at 7 am going off telling me to pack my stuff and the dog and son and I need to go. I remained very calm- knew he would leave for work soon which he did. He called later and was indignant where all and I mean ALL was put on me - how I am so ungrateful and hypocritical - you know the quacking. Never once took any responsiblity. I need to find a place I know that and will - am looking- it is expensive where I live - but I will figure something out. We are upside down in house - so we can't sell and he sure as hell can't afford it but you know what - I don't care- he has hurt my credit - I can file bankruptcy- he has been a financial burden to me and I let it happen. I need to be happy with my dog and my sons! I can do this !

I then went to a neighbor's viewing - 52 yr old super nice lady who died of lung cancer - her husband and she are so nice and AH was friends with them but apparently he decided to go out to dinner and drinking instead of supporting someone who deserves it.

He didn't come home till late - we were watching Year Without a Santa Clause having fun singing - and he just came in carrying toothpaste and a to go box. Then he brushed teeth again quickly- mmmmmmmmmmm - and then went to bed without a word. He is a **** head! That made me laugh typing that! I am so blessed with my life- can't let myself stay in this situation any longer. Super scared but I raised 2 super kids alone- started a successful business alone and dealt with both parents death alone ( with no spouse) I had lots of other support! I am a Great person! He can kiss my arse!
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Originally Posted by Redheadsusie View Post
I am a Great person! He can kiss my arse!
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You can do this! You are clearly very strong. Most importantly you deserve to be happy and treated with tenderness and respect. And after reading this post, I have not doubt you will have exactly that!
You go girl!
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YEAH RedHeadSusie's AH... Kiss her ass!

I should sooo behave myself!
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He has no such authority to kick you out. If you want to leave, do so because you want to, when you are ready to. Ignore his demands that he can't enforce. Maybe he will take that toothpaste and pack himself a bag, one can only hope.
You can also ask the moderators to create you a new name so that he can't continue to read your posts.
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Yes he can Susie.
You go for it girl.
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Do not be the one to leave unless you can afford to. If he wants a divorce fine, family courts just love to throw moms and kids on the street because he wants them to..... Not.

Be calm and try reallllly hard not to engage when he is angry
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lol....not only did he read your post, but he also likely read the follow-up responses where people posted that he's a jerk and that you need to see an attorney.

The fact that he had others slap him was "worth the price of admission."

These folks are used to only hearing complaints from significant others. It's a joy when they hear from 3rd parties that they're being jerks.
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HAHA - hopefully he reads this post too!

Something I don't say at home anymore and sorta miss.....CHEERS!
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