Mine's in jail too

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Morning Glory
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Mine's in jail too

He was arrested and charged with a felony DUI. Thankfully there wasn't an accident. He just got pulled over.

His girlfriend called (I didn't even know he had a girlfriend) She wanted me to help bail him out. It's hard telling someone like that who doesn't know about all of this that you won't help. It sounds so mean. So she said she would come up with the bail money herself. I tried to explain to her about consequences that would help him. She couldn't understand.

I'm doing well with this and I'm glad he is in and think it's what he needs. I'm trusting that this is in God's hands and part of the plan. He will probably get 6 months in jail. I think that's the standard time for this in Arizona.

I would appreciate prayers for his safety.

Thanks and hugs to all,

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Re: Mine's in jail too

Wow MG! I'm so sorry to hear about the girlfriend thing.

I hope you are right about the jail and that this is part of God's plan. Hopefully there will be a lesson for him. I am so happy that you are doing well though and that you refused to participate in his bail.

I will keep him...and my prayers. Please take care of yourself. God bless you!
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Re: Mine's in jail too

Sorry to hear about your son(?), but glad to hear his consequences aren't as bad as they could've been (aka death, etc). My h got his 2nd DWI in May, and he ended up having his lisence suspended for 1 yr from his court date(June/03). Yes, its a hard lesson, yes it sucks financially and is a pain in the a$$ that I have to drive everywhere now. But.... thank God he just got a DWI and that he didn't kill anyone/hurt anyone while driving drunk. It also helped him realize that his drinking problem was HIS problem- that he couldn't blame it on anyone other than on himself. So, I guess sometimes bad things happen for a reason, heh?
PS: You sound so strong---good for you!
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Re: Mine's in jail too


I know that you will be okay with this, but I also know it hurts watching them take these detours on their journey.

He truly is exactly where he is supposed to be today, and God's plan will come through.

Dealing with girlfriends who don't understand can be trying too, but she'll also learn all the lessons that are on her journey and will one day understand.

I am sending huge prayers that he will be safe, and that God will have a special vigil over him tonight. And prayers and hugs for you too, for all you have been through and for the courage that you show.

Love you, MG!!

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Re: Mine's in jail too

I feel so foolish. I did not know he was your son. I thought he was your husband.

So I guess I am not sorry about the girlfriend thing. :bemine

But I will still keep you and him in my prayers.
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Re: Mine's in jail too

No problem Helping Myself,

I should have mentioned that he is my son.

I just haven't posted much this year becasue nothing has been new until now so there are a lot of new people that don't know my story.

Thank you all for the prayers.

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Re: Mine's in jail too

(((MG)) I'm thinking of you and hope you do your best to use the tools in the box to get through this. *hugs*
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Pray For Our Troops
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Re: Mine's in jail too

Morning Glory,

My prayers are with you and your son.
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Re: Mine's in jail too

(((MG))) hugs and prayers coming your way. my mom would applaud. it sucks, but it really really really reinforced that dot does not want to go back! best wishes and thank you for all you do!

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Re: Mine's in jail too

((((((((((MG)))))))))) God Bless you. You are in my thoughts and prayers today and always. I'll add your son, too. I'm so glad you're doing okay with this. Love you.
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Re: Mine's in jail too


You and yours will be in my prayers...

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Re: Mine's in jail too


You sound like you're in a good place with this. Thank goodness he wasn't in an accident. He'll be in my prayers.

I feel sorry for his girlfriend, not b/c she has to go through this, which sucks of course, but mostly b/c she doesn't get it...

Love you MG,
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Re: Mine's in jail too prayers are with the both of you! You sound very strong and confident in your recovery....we are with you (((((((((((MG))))))))))) Constant
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Re: Mine's in jail too


You know I will be thinking of you!

I told one of the Beav's girlfriends once "Don't even THINK it is easy to say no! I hope you never have to" She ended up pawning jewelry to get him out. He sure learned his lesson THAT time...

Do I need to send you any Clorox Wipes??
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Re: Mine's in jail too

Sending some light your way and his way.
You are both in my prayers.
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Re: Mine's in jail too

MG - So many hugs to you. Warm white light and prayers.

Kind of strange about the not knowing one existed I mean. It may sound mean to her but Spirit knows what's going on and sure, she doesn't understand. I wouldn't have understood it if my SO's Dad hadn't have helped me to get my SO out the can either. But later, a taste of it, myself, I would have recognized why.

Speaking of Spirit's plans for us and our loved ones... There's a woman a friend of mine has, currently in prison. She robbed a bank to support some addiction. The police, unknown to her, was tailing her. They ended up arresting her the day she was to sell apparently a lot of drugs or to get a lot of drugs [still wasn't clear on that]. It's discovered, at the time, that the guys she was to exchange with had planned on killing her in order to keep the drugs and/or money but had foiled when the police raided in order to bust her for the robbery. The woman is currently clean and sober and will be up for parole not too far off.

Love, Digits
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Re: Mine's in jail too

Oh MG - I have been EXACTLY where you are. My heart hurts for you. You sound so strong, but I know the emotional wipeout that comes from getting those calls. Please know that you are in all of our thoughts and prayers. Your son is blessed to have a mom that could say no when yes would have been so much simpler.

Candles being lit for you and them.
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Re: Mine's in jail too

Mornin' MG.

You know those drug awareness classes they teach in public schools? They really did a number on me. I was terrorized at the age of six and have never touched a hard drug in my life, unless you count pain meds at the hospital. I wonder if there ever will be classes that address the emotional health issue of coping with drug and alcohol users. I am so proud to know you MG, and awed by the metamorphosis you have achieved since you started to focus on your own recovery. And I feel so sorry for that girlfriend. I was like that girlfriend. Nothing in my life prepared me for the Dino-go-round. The midst of crisis is not a welcome time to hear "don't help". We're already in protect/save mode, which is after all, a noble instinct and one that serves in many cases. Obviously drug awareness classes don't work on everyone, and drug-user awareness classes wouldn't either... but maybe they could help at least some people steer clear of the rescuing type behavior that allows the user to keep using drugs and/or the rescuer.

It's evident that your recovery is serving you well, but I know it still is a big disappointing bummer. You are the greatest.

HUGE HUGS!!!!!! (((((((( MG!!!! )))))))))
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Re: Mine's in jail too

Giving you Huge Hugs ******{MG}}}}!!!!

I pray that this will be your son's true wake up call!! Thank God he was not hurt! I know why.....because you turned him over to God. By Letting Go and Letting God everything turns out ok somehow.Take care and know how much you are loved!!!!!

Prayers to you and your son,
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Re: Mine's in jail too

Morning Glory,
You got me on the girl friend thing also. I am also glad that it was only an arrest and no one got hurt. It not only kills or hurts someone but tears their family apart. I am praying that your son gets it, and is safe.
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