Checking Back in.

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Checking Back in.

Hello Sober Recovery! I don't know if anyone remembers me but if you don't I have a college age daughter Amber who went off to college and fell into deep alcohol problems (if you want to read the stories you can check my old posts) It's been about a year since I've posted but I want to check back in and how Amber is doing and say she's getting better!

It wasn't easy. She had to drop out of school and she got a job and eventaully her own place with the money from that job. Getting her own place was the worst thing that could've happened to her. She had a bad roommate who loved to party just as much as she did and they had parties. A lot. She has since told me they would go through a bottle of vodka a night together, and if her roommate didn't want to. She would drink it on her own. She said if they would have a party, she would throw caution to the wind and drink until she passed out. It was her house she could do what they want. Well around last May one of their parties got too loud and the landlord came into check on them. My daughter open the door and she wasted and the landlord told her to quiet it down or they'd have to move out. Amber told her to eff off and to kiss her ass and that those people we just having fun and she should try it. The landlord came in and told everyone to leave and she was calling the cops and they would likely all be arrested for underage drinking. Most of them left, some stayed for a little bit. Apparently it stayed loud enough that the cops came. They went through the apartment which was trashed. Amber's roomate opened the door and told the cops she was "too drunk for this ****" said the police report. They found Amber on the bathroom floor in just her thong and bra holding a near empty bottle of Jack. They tried to move her and she wouldn't move. Her clothes were next to her covered in puke. She had to get her stomach pumped later that night and I went and visited her to make sure she was okay and to talk to the police about what had happened. I had told her at this point she was on her own and after I made sure she was still alive and healthy.

The underage drinking ticket was a violation of her probation and she had to go to jail for 30 days. After she got out in mid-July she had to spend a month in rehab. My husband and I picked her up from Rehab and asked her where she planned on living. We told her she could come back to live with us if there was no more drinking. We have 2 other young kids, there will be no more getting drunk in our house. She said she was going to stay with a friend. I was discouraged because I knew what would happen. And sure enough, about a week later she came to our house and knocked on door at 3 AM crying. My husband was thankfully up doing work so she didn't wake the other kids. I came downstairs and we talked to her. You could smell the alcohol on her breath and we had to help her walk over to our couch. She was breaking down and screaming that she wanted to live with us again and that she can't do this (get this drunk) anymore. She said she'd been drunk 4 nights since she left rehab and none of it is fun anymore. I had to help her to the sink so she could throw up. I held for awhile and just let her cry, it felt like she was a little kid again. By about 5 we got her to a hotel to sober up. I went back and picked her up and asked her if she meant what she said last night. She said she did, she told me she already blew most of her life for vodka, sex, drugs, and what she thought was fun. We let her come back and live with us under the condition, she stops drinking and goes to AA, and she is never ever drunk in our house even when she turns 21.

I'm happy to say that since she's come back she is 3 months sober! No outbursts no parties, no bad pictures on the internet. Nothing. She is sober. With the thanksgiving coming I just wanted to say how thankful I am that my daughter has started turning her life around and pray she can keep it going. I also wanted to thank this forum for the help they gave. Even though I haven't been around, you guys truly helped. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
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Welcome back, sheneedshelp. I am glad top hear the update, and the seeming wake up call your daughter had this summer. Prayers for you that it continues. She is far too young to waste anymore of her life.
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I do remember you too, and I am so very happy that your daughter is back with you and safe. hopefully this is her bottom and she will resume a happy and productive life and future, she has a full life ahead.

i know you took a tough stance with her, and as a parent it hurt a lot. i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Have a great time with your family for thanksgiving.
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