Is everyone okay out there?

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Is everyone okay out there?

Peace to all the SR folks that were in Sandy's path. How are you and how are you coping?
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I live outside of Washington, DC. It was an awful day yesterday. Tons of rain and really high winds. Very scary. We were fortunate that we only had a couple of branches come down in our yard. We luckily kept our power the entire time too!

I know that many others weren't as fortunate and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are struggling with tremendous loss.

One thing that I did notice though is that I STILL don't cope with uncertainty well. Guess no one enjoys uncertainty, but as a recovering ACA my anxiety was through the roof yesterday. Uncertainty and lack of control is still difficult for me to handle.

Feeling better today, but I'm exhausted.

Hope for things to return to "normal" tomorrow.

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I spent the time at my boyfriend's house, since he politely informed me that he'd feel safer if I was there, and he agreed when I put my foot down and said that if I was staying with him my cats were, too.

The cats have settled down quite nicely with his, considering everything. They give each other their own space (he has 2 cats, I have 2 cats), and nobody got hurt although there is still occasionally some growling and posturing, and Peaches did give the dog a good bop on the nose yesterday (boyfriend's dog, Peaches is wearing caps on her claws so nobody got hurt) so the dog has been giving her some space, too. They've made themselves quite at home, though, so taking them back to my apartment with me is going to be interesting.

Didn't lose power at all (not at my apartment, either), and my car is fine (although it could have flooded at my apartment depending upon the parking space I used). My boyfriend has a nice generator too, strong enough to run the majority of his house, so he's happy.

I haven't been home yet, so today after work I'll be looking around the apartment to make sure everything's fine, but considering I'm on the third floor and my balcony was empty before the storm I should be okay. If not, I did upgrade my apartment insurance to the best I could get a few years ago - $75 extra a year is a fair price to pay for peace of mind - so I'm covered in case something went wrong. All the things I really care about from that apartment were at my boyfriend's (my cats and I), and my important paperwork is all retained in a fireproof/waterproof safe, so everything else could be replaced if necessary.
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