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One of the threads we lost was one of my favorites ever. It contained some really twisted song lyrics rearranged for our codie amusement. Among them was Ann's "Codie Doodle Dandy" and a bunch of others I hope the twister-sisters(and brothers) can remember and repost. New twisted song lyrics welcome here as well! I remember mine.....


I like duck butts and I can not lie
You other codeez can't deny
When a duck walks out with waddle doddle gait
And tailfeathers in your face
You get sprung
Like you jus got outta jail
Cuz you notice you saw his tail
Wow! It looks like he's leavin'
I'm psyched and I'm not believin'
Oh, ducky I wanna say bye bye
Stop sayin' why why
My codeez tried to tell me
That a duck butt can be smelly
Ooooh, ruffle that fluff
You say you gotta use that stuff
Can't use me, 'buse me cuz I ain't that average groupy

Tired of duck poopy.
The hell with romancin'
You get,
fly on out like a turbo jet

I'm tired flappin beak
cuz nuttin be true when you speak
And the average flack from you Jack
It seems to pack much quack

Say bye bye to the butt
(hell yah!)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that downy butt

Baby got quack
Baby got quack
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"Baby Got Quack" is a classic.
I'll see if I can come up with one.
My creativity vat is running a quart low these days as my muse is on strike.
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It would have been heartbreaking..

...if we lost "Baby Got Quack"!

And it is heartbreaking that we lost some other gems too probably. Ah well..

This is all I can come up with at this moment.

Who put the lights out Who? Who? Who? Who?
Who put the lights out Who? Who? Who? Who?
(at SR)

Glad we're back and thanks to the folks that made it happen.
Happy Easter holidays all
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WEll I can't find the Original Codie Doodle I'll just have to make up a second verse...ME ME ME ME (Codie vocal warm-up, LOL)

I'm a Codie Doodle Dandy
I'm a Codie Do or Die
I rescue, pamper and I snoop for clues
And catch you in each little lie...

I'm a Codie Doodle Dandy
Screaming, yelling and I cry..
Codie Doodle went to town and
found herself a meeting
And said "Codependency, bye-bye!!"
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Bravo Ann!
We need to get you some tap shoes.
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Why thank you Gabe, but I already have some, LOL
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Smoke, Here are the ones I have:
(quote from: smoke gets in my eyes)

Them Duck Pluckers
(by Mason Williams)
How about them Duck Pluckers, Ain't they a shmucks?
Pluckin' them fearthers off 'o them ducks.
Pluckin' them Mallards, pluckin' them Coots,
Pluckin' they duck hairs out by the roots!
Look at them Duck Pluckers, Ain't they theifs?
Some use tweezers, Some use a teeth.
Them feather pluckin' Duck Pluckers, hidin' in the sticks,
Buggin' they plucky ducks, getttin' they kicks.
How to be a Duck Plucker? No way to duck it;
Rustle up a duck or two, boy just pluck it!

and just for you Mooselips!

Them Moose Goosers
(by Mason Williams)
How about them Moose goosers, Ain't they cluse?
Up in them boondocks, goosin' them moose
Goosin' them huge moose, goosin' them tiny,
Goosin them medlin' moose in they hinny!
Look at them Moose goosers, Ain't they dumb?
Some use an umbrella, some use they thumb.
Them obtuse Moose goosers, sneakin' through the woods,
pokin' they snoozey moose in they goods,
How to be a Moose gooser? It'll turn you puce;
Get your gooser loose, and rouse a drowsy moose!
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To the top, we need to get this going again.

I resurrected an old one of mine.
The Codie Shoop Shoop Song

Is he using, I wanna know
how can I tell if he did some blow?
Is it in his eyes, oh no he used Visine
Is it in his sighs, oh no he’ll say he’s clean
If you wanna know, if he did some blow
It’s in his nose
That’s where it is, oh yeah
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I heard the word Muse and thought I could offer some inspiration. Aaaahhh!!!
I see you don't need me after all. You inspired yourself. Cute thread.


The muse of comedy
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Talia, my muse is a real pain in the ass and goes on vacation at the drop of a hat. I'm thinking seriously of replacing him. But I can always use inspiration from the muse of comedy. Keep it coming.
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On top of the couch all smelling like beer, lies that man of mine a snoring some more.
He drank way too much but what else is new....there's one guarantee that he always will!! There's things to be fixed and one things for sure, what doesn't get done today, surely never will. I keep hoping for the best, but I won't stand on my head, cause I need to take care of ME and I'll do that instead!!!!!
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