Using the dog as a reason to keep from drinking?

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Please grow a spine and put that poor suffering animal out of her misery TODAY.
Your post was very disturbing to read. I fear you have your priorities way out of whack.
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I would pull your son out of his tennis game. If the dog was like a family member than you should treat him/her as such. Your husband is beyond selfish & you allow him to get his way time after time. It sounds as if he has more serious issues than drinking.
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At the very least - and I hope to God this is already happening - your doggy must be on strong pain medication!! There is no if-and-or-but in that one.

Our dear 16 year old dog died a few weeks ago, we kept him out of pain, he enjoyed his life until the last day. Pain medication, keeping them clearly out of pain, is the number 1 obligation of having a pet. That cannot wait.

I also agree that you are putting words in his mouth. You know, we only get one side of a story on these boards and there are always 2 sides. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and would suggest that we all, me included, focus on our actions, our thoughts, our reactions. We aren't victims in life, we are active participants. Can't blame anyone for our problems ultimately except on our own choices.

Get to the vet and get this dog out of pain - today. And if it's her time to go, please do it as lovingly, gently and compassionately as possible! You owe her that - we all do.
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I had to put my beloved dog Cooper to sleep just two weeks ago so this is all very raw for me. This just makes me sad...really, really sad. That poor dog. My heart just breaks at the thought of him suffering.
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My AH tried to delay putting our beloved cat down when she was so, so sick after a long 17 years with us. It had nothing to do with anything except that he was too emotionally immature to handle the responsibility & reality of it. He was so blinded by his own issues that he never saw all of her suffering. He just knew he loved her & wanted to keep her around much the way a child sees issues like this. That doesn't make it ok - we had it out & I told him to say his goodbyes. It wasn't any easier for me to let go but it WAS harder for me to watch her suffer since I wasn't numbing the pain with alcohol.

I pray your furry friend passes on peacefully & quickly.
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Doing the right thing is never easy but nevertheless, must be done. Show your pet the love he shown you over the years and stop all the suffering now.

I am sorry.
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Originally Posted by lizatola View Post
The dog can barely move. She doesn't respond when you pet her, and she just lays there. Sometimes she cries or whimpers.
This is no quality of life for a dog.

My heart is breaking, and I will keep that precious old girl in my thoughts and prayers.
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This is sad, I can't believe what I am reading.
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Ladies and gentlemen, as someone who has owned many pets, I understand how triggering and sad this thread can be for some. If you feel yourself getting very angry, I recommend taking a break and walking away from the keyboard. Since it's clear what the majority opinion is, this thread is now closed. Some posts may be removed after a complete review.
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