Is this the next level of progression?

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When my STBXAW switched from wine to vodka, that's when things started to get really ugly. Flutter nailed it two posts up - it's much easier to hide in every way. My AW carried vodka in a water bottle in her purse and hid it in water bottles in the bedroom and elsewhere so she could take surreptitious gulps. I wish you the very best, but you should be prepared for the worst and take steps NOW to take care of yourself and learn how to detach with love (which in my experience is much easier said than done).
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She just got herself a bigger shovel.

I did that too.
See Flutter's comment.
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I dont think that I am becoming vigalent on her new consumption, its more of a curiousosity. my mode of detachment has become indifference. I still love her to pieces but I have really taken the three C's to heart and realize this is her deal. thanks for all your responses
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Originally Posted by SoaringSpirits View Post
Things took a turn for the worse when my AH switched to vodka over beer. He said he was concerned about weight gain. Which was funny, because he never voiced any concern about what his drinking was doing to his family, just his belly! With the vodka, he could down more potent alcohol in less volume, and with less smell, and he could do it more easily in secret. I think it's a sign of progression.
I think you're absolutely right. I switched from beer to vodka because it was way easier to do it in secret.
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I really think it could be a sign of increased progression and definitely cause for concern. I switched from beer and wine to vodka because it was much easier to hide and keep secret (little smell). I hope you can convince your wife to get help soon.
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My AW started with and has stayed with Vodka. It was not until the last 3 months did I realize how easy it was to hide around the house, in plastic water bottles, behind books on our shelf, in cabinets, in vases,etc.

IMO, this switch is a VERY VERY bad sign. I am so sorry.
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