nervous, turned texts in again to deputies

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When we were living together, and he had a job, there were times I felt I should call the police, but never did because I did not want him to lose his job. I protected him by just taking the kids and leaving.

At the very end, after he had lost his job anyway. His parents came and got him and took him to a rehab facility. Three days later he called begging me to come get him. When I wouldn't, he got on a grayhound bus and was home when I got home from work, drunk and sitting on the front porch as he didn't have a key.

He got disgustingly drunk that night and while he wasn't violent that night, I was worried for his health (as he was drinking on top of the meds from the rehab center).
I called police, and we had an arguement about it. He was beligerant, but not physical.

When the cops got there, they told me that as my name was not on the mortgage, the best thing for me to do was leave. They couldn't help me. After that I was reluctant to ask for help again.

After I moved and he started the stalking/harassing/threatening behavior, I was reluctant to ask for help. Turns out, the DV advocates and court system helped me tremendously. I know that these were "just texts" but the sneaky way he though just using a trackphone could help him get around the law is disgusting.

This state has a website that show's who's in and as of today, he is still there, charged with 24 counts of violating a protective order (each text or call was a seperate charge).
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Your are ding so well!!!!!!

You make me proud of YOU!

24 counts. That should bring him some time. No matter, when he tries it or
something else after he is back out, again, go to your Deputy Contact and
your DV advocates RIGHT AWAY. Because 'repeated violations' after this 24
will give him more and more time and turn into a felony 2nd degree instead
of a 4th degree.

At least you and the children are safe.

You keep moving forward, you are doing really great!!!! I so love to see the
folks who come here in distress, grow and move forward and SUCCEED. And
it is so important for those coming after you to also see that it is possible to
become whole again!

Thank you.

Love and hugs,
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I would get a new phone number before he gets out. That's one way to stop getting calls. Of course, then he could show up on the porch again but if he is so bold, he's back in the pokey in no time.
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